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Woodstock Area Profile

Area Description

Woodstock is a vibrant area of Cape Town breaming with countless numbers of quirky stores and chic eateries. Woodstock is arguably the creative hub of Cape Town with the likes of Ogilvy South Africa headquartered in Woodstock, therefore every company based in the node, big or small, has a somewhat creative flare. The vibey nature of the area is rooted in its cultural diversity. With all different kinds of people living side by side along with incredibly varied businesses operating harmoniously, Woodstock is Cape Town’s only industrial node that offers investors an incredibly diverse and wholistic feel. With major manufacturing cooperation’s and warehouses operating down the road from South Africa’s most highly rated eatery ‘The Test Kitchen’, there simply is no other light industrial area in South Africa comparable to the uniqueness of Woodstock. It’s a place that needs to be experienced to be believed.

Lettable options

Swish Property Group is a highly regarded property development company having largely inspired the revitalisation of Woodstock and Salt River, with the very successful Award-winning Mixed-Use Development Upper East Side. Woodstock is home to a plethora of lettable options. Ranging from smaller warehouses to spaces with relatively big GLA’s, the overall feeling of Woodstock is not heavy industrial. This makes the area perfect for those searching for a central location with a space to house large amounts of stock. There are not a huge amount of actual manufacturing plants in Woodstock therefore making the area home to mostly warehouses utilised for the purpose of storage. 


The area of Woodstock is somewhat safe. The area however is not immune to crime that is committed across South Africa. The usual pick-pocketing or mugging is normally the worst that occurs in Woodstock. When conducting an industrial operation in the area, most buildings are fully fenced with onsite security. The Woodstock Improvement District provides top-up cleaning and security services to Woodstock’s residential and business nodes.    


Woodstock is a suburb that is perfectly situated within Cape Town. Being literally under 3 kilometres, the convenience that this industrial hub offers is unbeatable. Conducting your industrial operations in Woodstock means that you are able to access major hubs such as the Cape Town Harbour in a matter of minutes. Woodstock’s centrality to all major highways and arterials means that your business is able to remain a convenient operation.