Property and technology are the passions of Quoin Online. How these two integrate to create a more efficient property market is our vision. Thought leadership is where talent, passion and experience are funnelled into creating content that answers the biggest questions in the minds of our customers.  We aim to develop more meaningful relationships with our clients which goes beyond the role of our product offerings.   

The projects undertaken by Quoin’s team allows rich, well-informed content to be released. Our projects vary; we may focus on reading material or a series of interviews which covers how the South African commercial real estate came to be and, the problems and solutions that are currently in the market.  

We conduct our own research through surveys and interviews as well as reading related articles on the topics to ensure we are truly representing the market. We hope to eventually provide educational courses to not only inform our audience but create awareness and understanding of a market that is majority, run by corporations and the finance sector.  We also engage with professionals in the field and have a panel of experts who not only present our series but also are constantly engaging with the market to not only understand it, but transform it.