Technology has made so many aspects of our lives easier and more convenient – at Quoin Online, we believe that landlords should be showcasing their properties directly to investors and tenants by leveraging technology. 

We plug into our client’s existing systems and seamlessly integrate our software into their business processes. By integrating directly into Landlord’s vacancy data, we ensure accurate, up-to-date information is shown on The Quoin Marketplace. 

We tailor our technology products to help clients achieve their desired business outcomes, minimizing the time and costs of preparing information to market. 


Marketing your properties is easier too, through our one-touch marketing platform that allows for easy publishing across multiple channels. Your property benefits from increased visibility by harnessing Quoin Online’s comparator tool, that allows your property to be discovered by a broader database of potential tenants and investors.  Our collaboration and integration with other proptech marketing companies, such as Property24 and Gumtree increase visibility by “casting the net wider”.  

Our technology optimises client branding and image by licensing of our software to client bespoke specifications as it extracts information directly from the management system of the owner and landlord. It provides accurate information, eliminating manual intervention and error. 


We ensure that our clients are able to realise the maximum value from our software solutions by completing the entire transaction online. Automated offers populate the salient offer terms for easy submission.  

Worry less by using our Verified mobile app to validate information from the comfort of your home. Verified integrates with important checks, like FICA, RICA and credit check, granting you the peace of mind to know all parties are being transparent. 


Our technology offers landlords the ability to manage the rental and sale of their properties seamlessly. 

  • Landlords are in control of their listings on a dedicated backoffice 
  • Ample property information, photos and virtual tours 
  • Custom Brochures and Offer to lease 
  • One-touch marketing 
  • Secure data vault 
  • Landlord managed user permissions 
  • Automated, downloadable vacancy schedules 
  • Automated offer and digital signature 
  • FICA and credit check and verification 
  • Automated status reporting updates 
  • Broker introduction verification tracking 
  • Customisable reporting 
  • Fully integrated CRM