What started out as an idea, became a vision. Today, that vision has become a reality. 

From an idea to do things more efficiently and transparently, evolved a vision to make a difference in how property is transacted.  Today, Quoin Online is building cutting edge technology for the rental and sale of property.  

Ours is a property business like no other.  We don’t sell products, we sell digital systems that solve problems.  We work with our clients to embrace that same vision…..they do not sell space…..they sell a property solution to a tenant or buyer. From integration of systems, digital marketing and online transacting, Quoin Online strives to provide the landlord, tenant and buyer a seamless, efficient experience. 

Ours is a diverse team – in personality – in skill sets – and in backgrounds. From highly experienced property players, online sales experts and software developers – this diverse team ensures that our clients are offered the best solution. 


Our vision is to transform the way in which property is transacted, to make our customers’ job easier and their business more profitable. 


Quoin Online remains committed to INNOVATE within the online transactional technology space, to constantly LEAD change in the industry and to DELIVER unparalleled service to its clients. 


Our software development team, who have been the market leaders in the advent of technology in the online auction space in South Africa, are partners in our business. This partnership provides innovative skills, in the tech – as well as property space. This ensures the ability of Quoin Online’s ability to provide customers with cutting edge solutions by constantly re-engineering our business offering in pursuit of creating more valuable solutions for customers. 


Technology moves fast! Having our team-in-house, allows us to be nimble. We can adopt and integrate new innovations and offer bespoke add-on solutions quicker than those who outsource. Our core capability is to translate business needs into digital process paired with industry insight.  Effective software solutions need to be designed, built and maintained by an expert team of developers guided by leadership with deep industry expertise.