It’s never easy venturing into the commercial property market, especially when it comes to choosing the appropriate location. The unspoken rule: diligent research is key. In attempt to save you time and energy, we have composed four fast facts on why it’s profitable to lease commercial property in Sandton!

With only a limited amount of vacant commercial property, it’s clear that Sandton has something the commercial property market loves! Sandton boasts a ‘work-hard, play-hard aura’, and owning and tenanting commercial property in Sandton will undoubtedly be favorable for the variability of your business. Here’s why:

  1. One of the benefits of commercial property is longer leases. Due to the number of empty vacancies in Sandton, landlords are often open and flexible when it comes to negotiating the length of lease-periods. This would undoubtedly be favorable for your business, as lower rental escalation rates will be inevitable. Tenanting commercial property in Sandton thus means that you are able to secure your location longer, and deal with less administration in the long run!

  2. Whatever commercial property you need, industrial or office spaces, appearance matters. It’s where you accommodate clients, and the space where your employees work on a daily basis. When leasing commercial property in Sandton, you are guaranteed a sense of aesthetic appeal, at low costs! The vast development of commercial properties in the past decade, led to an oversupply of A-grade office buildings. This oversupply consequently led to cheaper leasing prices for A-grade commercial property that will leave your business with a sense of corporate chic and/or industrial sophistication!

  3. The commercial property market in Sandton shows continual growth, and with the ongoing developments, investing in commercial property in Sandton is becoming more and more promising. When buying commercial property in the affluent Sandton, your property has a high chance of increasing and appreciating in value over time. When leasing, it could be considered a sound investment option for your business, as your client base is likely to expand, your talent pool for employees become larger, and you are enabled to network amongst, and with, some of the largest companies in South Africa. Whether it is leasing or buying, investing in commercial property in Sandton will undoubtedly deliver and enhance capital growth!

  4. No business is an island, and leasing commercial property in Sandton will place you in the center of the commercial headquarters. Allowing you to network with a number of surrounding businesses, while being surrounded by a number of amenities including retail stores, convenience centers and conference facilities. In the long run, this will be beneficial for your business, staff and clients, and it may even draw potential clients!

In this poor economy, with high inflation rates and poor economic growth, investment in commercial property provides solid economic value. Choosing an ideal location can boost this investment. Take your business, to the business, at low costs, and lease commercial property in Sandton.


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